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Capital Hair Wigs is an organization of several individuals who identified that a large number of people are facing the problem of hair loss and baldness in India. This segment of people is increasing at a fast pace and the solution providers for this problem are almost next to none. This made them think about opening their shop. The main motivation and inspiration which holds this team together is that they believe that each and every individual has the right to look beautiful and feel beautiful. Just because of some reasons, if a person has hair loss he/she feels dejected. There are many cases where these people are seen suffering from the acute depression stages. This is so because the society does not accept such people in a normal way and most of the times they are ridiculed for their looks.

Looking at the problem and going deeper into the situation is what the Our team thought of. They worked on the feasible solutions which can be provided to these individuals so that they can bring their self-confidence back and provide hair expert solutions at a cost which is affordable for them. This idea gave birth to the Capital Hair Wigs which started with providing Hair wigs and Hair Weaving solutions.

Hair Wigs in Delhi are available for people who have completely gone bald and no other way of medication can get the hair back. These wigs are available according to the latest trends and the customers can choose according to their wish and will. There is a slight difference between the price of synthetic hair wig and natural hair wig. Any type can be taken up by the customer. It is fitted to the head by the expert and the personalized treatment is given.

Hair weaving is another solution which is given when the severity of baldness is not all over the head and the person suffers from just the reduction in the amount of hair. The hair weaving treatment in delhi is given by our team at an affordable amount of INR 5500 to INR 10000. It is temporary in nature and the individual is supposed to revisit our hair wigs shop in delhi after a period of time. There are several advantages of getting hair weaving treatment done at Capital Hair Wigs. Get the best hair weaving in delhi. They make the hair look like natural and the original hairs are left untouched. It is just the tip of the natural hairs which gets tied to the other strands of hairs weaved by experts. This method allows you to go swimming, playing and sleeping freely without the problem of thinking of the wig or something. This method can prove to be detrimental to the roots of the original hairs as the amount of strain the follicles will face will be more than the previous strain of just one hair attached to the scalp. Also the chances of going bald also increase. But the option is still in fashion and many people have benefitted from this option. Hair Patches is another solution that our team provide to customers.

The company is working towards making a difference in the lives of the people who are suffering from the mental and physical torture of hair loss. If you are suffering from hair loss too, Capital Wigs is the place to go.


I was suffering from baldness since 2 years & no result I got & I went for hair transplant but some side effects took place & after that I went for Non Surgical Hair Weaving from us. They provide me the best treatment without going to any surgery part.
{ Kamal Sharma }

My baldness was the crucial problem in my life & looking for a hair restoration without any side effect then they gave me the best non surgical way to restore my hairs in just 2 hours
{ Ritik Chauhan }

If you are looking for the best wigs @ reasonable prices then I would suggest only Capital Wigs for proper guidance & their care about their customer.
{ Sahil Chanana }

I was totally bald from the front area then guys of CHW provided me the hair wigs in which I restored my hairs in a process of two hours by paying less amount as other brands in the market.
{ Shubham Tiwari }

hair weaving procedure
Hair Weaving
8000-/ Only

Hair Weaving is the best non surgical procedure to restore the hairs & get rid of baldness without any surgery.

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hair bonding for men
Hair Bonding
7000-/ Only

Hair Bonding is an alternate & cheaper way of doing Hair Weaving to get rid of baldness without surgery.

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hair fixing treatment
Hair Fixing
5500-/ Only

Hair Fixing is the best way to fix up the hair patch without any side effects as in surgical method.

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hair patch for men
Hair Patch
5500-/ Only

Hair patch is the best treatment for hair loss or baldness .when hair growth isn't possible from medicines.

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men wigs
Men Hair Wigs
6000-/ Only

Male type of baldness starts appearing at the temples and crown. Some starts seeing a bald spot.

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ladies wigs
Ladies Hair Wigs
15000-/ Starting

Hair wig is a very viable option for women. They can benefit from this solution. Hair wig is a solution

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As you know that We are a manufacturer & wholesaler of hair wigs in Delhi. We have thousands of quality in all type of hairpieces like filament hairpiece, full lace, front lace, wigs for cancer patients, hair toupees, monofilament hair toupees. Never Waste Your Time & We ensure about the quality of Our Hair Toupee @ Wholesale It is essentially a head covering framework all through made by regular human hairs (Wigs in Delhi) or manufactured nylon arranged counterfeit hairs. Transcendently substance destroyed the wig to cloud male pattern baldness region straightforwardly. So if you are thinking to purchase a best hairpiece with long life then choose us for best hair wigs in delhi made of real human hairs. We are Wig Dealers, Wig Manufacturers in Delhi, Wig Suppliers, and Wig Shops in Delhi, India at Low cost with Best Quality for Men's Stylish Wig and also Women's Designer Wig. We are famous Hairpieces Manufacturers, Wig Dealers, Hairpieces Suppliers and Wig specialist co-op for Men along Women at Hair Patches Shop in Delhi, India at Low Cost.

Men's Wigs merchant in Delhi – Our Hair Wig shop in Delhi offers best men wigs producer, men toupee material exporters in Delhi, Gents hair-wigs specialist co-op in Delhi, India World Wide at Low Cost. Every person earn hard & tough money so they will never take a risk with their hard earned money to buy cheaper quality wigs with no long life. They always look for a better hair wig with reasonable prices & long life. If you are one of them then don’t waste your time in searching the fake ones. Choose us for durability & best prices.

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I am so much proud & happy to review Capital Hair Wigs. They provide me the undetectable hair wigs. Thank you so much for great service.
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We are leading hair wigs shop in delhi offering various qualities of hairpieces with flexible price range for gents & ladies both in delhi ncr, india.

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