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Hair fixing is a booming business. The demand for such type of treatment is increasing. The number of bald cases is increasing with the changes in the living circumstances of the individuals. Previously, the problem of baldness used to be faced by the individuals who were aged and had crossed the age of 35. Now-a-days even the teenagers are seen losing their hair. This causes a devastating effect on them as the way a person looks is very important in today’s world. Cosmetic world has done a lot of research in this field and has come up with several solutions to save these individuals from the extra stress and low-confidence problems.

Hair Fixing is a solution where the hairs are fixed to the scalp. This can be done permanently or temporarily depending upon the amount of money you are capable of spending. Hair fixing is a costly option if you are going for a permanent solution. Only and only if you have deep pockets then you can think of going for this option. Or else, you have to get it done temporarily. This requires you to visit the center in a period of six months and then after the hair is planted successfully 2 to 3 years after. Hair fixing is a business which includes weaving of hair to your scalp. Capital Hair Wigs is the best hair patch center in delhi & hair patch cost is very reasonable at us.

The hair which are already there on your scalp are needed to be studied in detail. The follicles are also studied by the hair experts. Sometimes it so happens that the hair follicles start getting closed and this leads to thinning of hair and then permanent baldness of a person. The doctor’s after going through the situation decide whether the person would need a hair transplant or synthetic or normal hair will be weaved in to the existing ones.

Hair weaving:
This technique involves bonding the artificial synthetic or normal hair to the existing hair. This is a temporary solution and can cost from INR5000 to INR8000 to a person. This process needs to be repeated after a given amount of time. This type of hair fixing allows the person to go out swimming, playing and do whatever he/she wants without being conscious as is the case with wigs,

Hair transplantation:
A very costly surgical method, this needs the individual to visit a hair doctor who takes the follicles from the back side of the head of a person and plants it on the affected areas. This is also a temporary process and needs to be repeated after a period of time. The advantage is that the hair is yours. Your scalp does not stop the growth of your hair, but it needs to be done several times. The number of times this process can be repeated is quite doubtful though. Also the person cannot search donors for the transplantation as every person has a separate DNA. This makes it even harder.

The options of hair bonding is the method which really help the individual get them back. People who are bald can go for the option of getting a wig or in case they have hair on their scalp, they can get their hair weaved.

One more solution that is the best procedure is Hair Wigs. CHW provides you the best hair wigs in delhi

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