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A number of hair problems have started seeping into the lifestyle of people. People from all over the world have started falling prey to the problem of hair reduction and baldness even before the natural process of ageing starts working on them. A number of factors like hereditary characters, cancer, stresses and poor nutrition can become the internal factors for the loss of hair. The external factors include pollution, work burden and imperfect work-life balance. Basically, it is due to stress that even the teenagers face the problems like baldness and patches.

The sufferers and types of Hair problems:
It can occur in both male and female bodies. However, the number of such cases is more for males. The male pattern differs from the female pattern. The male pattern sees the formation of an M like pattern and patching of the hair, whereas women face the problem of hair reduction, uneven hair loss from various parts of the head. In some cases not only the head, but the whole body loses hair. It is the extreme situation in which the sufferer can find herself.

The effects:
This leads to a loss of confidence in oneself. The person who suffers from baldness at an early stage can face depression and anxiety at a low age. The girls are more prone to get depressed due to such cases. Hairs are a symbol of youth and people like styling their hair and get new types of haircuts. But for people who do not have hairs, it can be really intimidating to go to saloons or socialize as they have the fear of being ridiculed among the friends. Such people also feel inferiority complex in front of others as the society considers this as an abnormality.

Hair Patch:
Each and every problem has a solution. This problem also has a solution.  Hair patch is a solution to this problem. This technique allows the hair expert to eradicate the problem of looking completely bald for a person. Most of the people face the problem of losing their hair from only some part of their head. Head patching helps in filling up that area with synthetic or natural hair so that the individual can feel good about himself or herself. A wig covers the whole area of the head, but in case of hair patching only a part of the head is covered. It is a low cost technique which allows an individual to get the perfect look instead of going for the costlier options like hair transplant and weaving for that matter. A small patch is made taking in view the dimensions of that area of the head and then it is pasted there with the help of glue or tape. It can also be applied with the help of small clips. It is available in a variety of colors and the person getting the treatment done can choose the exact type of hair which suits him/her. A cost effective technique, it works best for people who have lost only a part of their hair.

Alternate method (Hair Wigs in Delhi)
Wigs are capable of hiding the thin hairs, the hair patches and baldness. The wigs are capable of giving you the look you want. You can choose from a number of styles, colors, textures and the best part is that it looks just like your natural hair. There are stylists available too for getting a personalized look.

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